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What is All Star Elite?

All Star Elite is our highest level of cheerleading including travel competitions. The dedicated athletes who join All Star Elite are ready for a bigger commitment and are ready to watch their skills grow to the next level. Traveling to National Championships, athletes are able to showcase their precise skills and abilities to a wider audience. Teams attend 6-9 one and two day competitions throughout the season which runs from May-April. Athletes have to opportunity to win jackets, medals, and awards! This highly competitive experience is for athletes who demonstrate the drive to improve and succeed with higher performance expectations. We believe that all athletes should be able to participate in this sport regardless of cost, which is why we offer scholarships to athletes. If you require a scholarship, please contact owner, Samantha McChesney. Since we offer competitive pricing, if the athlete is switching from another all star elite program, we will match a lower pricing. For quality coaching purposes, our coaches are paid above average local coaching salaries. 

What to expect?

How many members on a team? 5-30 females and males

Tumbling Skills Competed: Forward roll, backward roll, handstand, handstand forward roll, cartwheel, round off, backbend kick over, back walkover, front limber, front walkover, back handspring, back tuck, layout, full, series standing and running (depending on level)

Stunting Skills Competed: Below prep level, prep level, full extension, double leg, single leg, all body positions, switches, full ups, basket tosses (depending on level)

Monthly Tuition: $180 (additional costs include choreography, uniform, and direct competition fees. There is no registration fee or hidden fees, price breakdown is listed in the contract) Note: If you need financial assistance, we are happy to work with you for your child to be a part of our program!

Uniform: $230

Age: 5-18 years old

Practices: 2 hour sessions, 2 times per week; 1 additional tumbling class, 1 hour per week. Summers only practice one week day along with optional Saturday tumbling and optional Zoom classes!

Season: May-April

Competitions: 6-9 one and two day competitions, some including travel, opportunity to earn a bid to the Summit in Florida, and 1-2 showcases

Parent Informational Meeting and Registration: Tuesday May 18, 7pm. A zoom link will be sent out

Evaluations: Saturdays May 1, 8, 15 from 10-11am. Athletes only need to attend ONE day. Preregistration for evaluations is required. Please email with the date you would like to attend.

Team Placements: Monday, May 17

Team Practices Begin: Saturday, May 22


Read the handbook; Submit the contract; Complete registration form, financial obligation form, pre participation screening waiver, and PAR-Q; Make evaluation payment; Make monthly payments, Copy of birth certificate

By evaluations: read the handbook, waiver, evaluation payment, copy of birth certificate

By first practice: contract, monthly payment, set up JackRabbit profile

USASF Levels: 

Level 1

Tiny: 5-6 years old

Mini: 5-8 years old

Youth: 5-11 years old

Junior: 5-14 years old

Senior 11-18 years old


Level 2

Mini: 5-8 years old

Youth: 5-11 years old

Junior 5-14 years old

Senior: 11-18 years old


Level 3

Youth: 5-11 years old

Junior 5-14 years old

Senior: 11-18 years old

Senior Co-Ed: 11-18 years old


Level 4.2

Senior 11-18 years old


Level 5

Youth 9-11 years old

Junior 9-14 years old

Senior 11-18 years old

Level 6 Non Tumbling

13+ years old

How do I sign up?

For any questions or to sign up, click the button below and include the athletes



Program (all star elite, all star prep, etc)

Level of experience

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