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What are private lessons?

Private Lessons are for athletes of all ages and abilities. Our coaches give personal attention to each athlete to improve on current skills, advance to new skills, and build confidence on all skills. We offer private and semi-private lessons for athletes looking for individualized attention. These lessons are great for athletes who are close to getting a skill, those who learn better in a smaller group or personal setting, or those getting ready for high school or college tryouts! Private lessons can be in jumps, tumbling, or stunting.


Private Lessons and Semi Private lessons are available with our coaching staff. Coaches reserve the right to create their own pricing and schedule.

The first private lessons will be scheduled via email through Ignite, then communication for further sessions with continue with assigned coach.

*Coaches with higher levels of expertise and experience may have an increased price. This will be communicated when selecting coach of preference!

30 mins $45
60 mins $60

2:1 each athlete
30 mins $30
60 mins $45

3:1 each athlete
30 mins $25
60 mins $40

4:1 each athlete
30 mins $20
60 mins $35


How do I schedule a private lesson?

Email to schedule your first lesson. Following lessons will be scheduled through the coach.

In your email, please indicate athlete name, age, skills to focus on, and availability for lessons. 

Private Lesson Rules

1. Initial lessons are scheduled through the gym, then following lessons are scheduled through the coach.

2. Payment for each lesson is due at the beginning of the session. 

3. A waiver must be signed for all non-members prior to the start of the lesson. 

4. Athletes parent/guardians must sign in prior to their lesson in the Private Lesson Book. Coaches will give the book for sign in. 

5. No shows will be charged the full amount of the lesson due to coaches filling availability slots for your lesson. When you do not show, you are taking up valuable time that could be given to another athlete. 24 hour notice must be given to cancel or change a session without being charged. In the case of an emergency, please contact the coach and gym as soon as possible before the lesson.

6. Confirm lesson with the coach prior to the lesson. Lessons are scheduled on a single session basis until a schedule is set up with the coach. Please do not assume that a one time session is going to continue every time each week unless discussed between parent and coach. 

7. For lessons scheduled outside of our regular business hours, an adult must stay with their athlete during the session in case of an emergency. If there is another class or session going on at the same time, then the parents may drop off their athlete for the session. Coaches will communicate this prior to the lessons. 

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