Hello! Welcome to Ignite Cheer Academy! I fell in love with cheerleading the second I started in 2008. I was about to start my freshman year of high school when my friends told me to tryout for the high school cheerleading team. I went to the last day of tryouts, made the team, and it has been history from there. I started coaching the youth teams two years later and have been coaching ever since. I love everything about cheerleading and hope to pass that devotion to the sport to younger athletes. I started Ignite Cheer Academy to help cheerleaders find a home in the sport, have the option to compete at a high level or to participate non-competitively. I cheered in college my freshman year when I sadly had to retire from cheerleading due to seizures; my passion for coaching was kicked into high gear at that moment. I was the head coach at King Philip High School, followed by assistant coach at Walpole High School for four years, and now the head coach at Walpole High School. I have been given the opportunity over the years to coach pop warner, high school, and all star teams. I have been fortunate enough to coach athletes who have moved on to successful cheerleading careers including Collegiate National Champion titles. I am USASF All Star Cheerleading certified. I look forward to working with your child and helping to instill confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills. 


2008: 1st place: 2  /  2nd place: 1 /  3rd place: 1

2009: 1st place: 3  /  2nd place: 2 /  3rd place: 0

2010: 1st place: 3 /  2nd place: 2 /  3rd place: 1

2011: 1st place:  4 /  2nd place: 2 /  3rd place: 1

2011: High School National Champion

2012: 1st place: 2 /  2nd place: 2 /  3rd place: 0

2012: Regional Champion

2012: Grand Champion

2013: High School Nationals 2nd Place

2013: National Jump Champion

2013: National Stunt Champion

2013: Baystate All Star

2014: 1st place: 5  /  2nd place: 2  /  3rd place: 2

2015: 1st place: 7  /  2nd place: 3  /  3rd place: 1

2016:1st place: 6  /  2nd place: 4  /  3rd place: 3

2017: 1st place: 18  /  2nd place: 5  /  3rd place: 4

2018: 1st place: 17/  2nd place: 8  /  3rd place: 4

2019: 1st place: 11  /  2nd place: 2  /  3rd place: 2

2019: Undefeated Season

Emily Gouthro


Hello, I’m Emily and I am the coach of the All Star CheerABILITIES team! I have been working with individuals with developmental disabilities for over 4 years. It excites me to make a difference in the lives of individuals struggling to see their full potential. Providing an immense amount of support and positive encouragement, as well as a sensitive mindset is important to me while coaching this team. My patience and positive attitude will allow me to encourage individuals to see their strengths and accomplish their goals. My background includes taking care of all types of individuals and molding to each unique personality type; I find it important to cater to the needs of all individuals seeking to accomplish their hopes and dreams. I am driven to overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of bettering the lives of others. These individuals teach me new things everyday, including how to be a caring and compassionate person and I am forever grateful for that.

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