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What is the Stunt League?

Stunt groups compete against each other in stunt sequences and are judged on precision, showmanship, technique, and more. Teams compete required stunt sequences, creative stunt, and baskets. Divisions include youth, high school, college, open, and coed. This league is for any athlete ready to take their stunting skills to the next level and showcase their talent! This is also a unique opportunity to meet with high school and college coaches who will be in attendance at competitions for recruitment. Guest instructors will be attending practices to enhance skills and technique. Competitions will include awards in each division. 

What to expect?

How many members on a team? Youth, high school, college, and open divisions: 4-5 athletes. Coed division: 3 athletes

Stunt Skills Competed: Age appropriate skills

Year Membership: One time payment of $300, or 12 installments of $30/month

Uniform: $100

Age: 8+ years old

Practices: Tuesdays 730-830pm- it is not required to come to all practices. Athletes may practice on their own at their youth/high school/college program but our coaching staff and guest instructors will be available for stunt coaching on Tuesday evenings. 

Season: September-August

Competitions: 6 competitions/year. $30 team entry per division per competition

Practices Begin: September 7

Checklist: Gather stunt team, Email to sign up, Read the handbook, Submit the contract, Choose payment option


Youth: elementary and middle school

High School: 9-12th grade

College: must be currently enrolled

Open: any athlete age combination (this can be a stunt group with a 8 year old front, 15 year old bases, 20 year old back, and 12 year old flyer. Any age combination is accepted)

Coed- coed stunting, two females/two males may also enter in this division. Any age combination is also accepted in this division.

*Athletes may enter in more than one division

How do I sign up?

For any questions or to sign up, click the button below and include the stunt groups names, ages, schools, and division

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